The Academy by Diva Bee Productions offers weekly after-school classes in a wide variety of performance genres. Taught by experienced and talented performers, your children will learn the ins and outs of true theater experiences.

While learning about dance, acting, singing, and performing on stage, they’ll also learn about lighting, sound, costumes, set design, theater etiquette, and more. Most importantly, they will be spending quality time with other kids who are interested in the arts! The relationships that are made within a theatrical experience are lifelong and important to children as they mature into who they’ll become.

At the Academy, we allow your child to be themselves, to be silly, to be creative. We hone their skills; we turn their energy into art. Our classes during the school year are 10-weeks long and are divided into grade levels so that your child is learning next to kids their own age. We also offer Summer Camps that last 3-4 weeks - be sure to check those out when the time arrives. 

Whatever type of learning experience you choose for your child here, their class or camp will end with a wonderful memory: a performance! The confidence, pride, and joy your child will feel after they perform for family, friends, and strangers is a wondrous experience.

Come join us for the magic - we look forward to creating with your kids!

~ Jalyn Courtenay Webb, Founder & Owner